Unident group of companies

UNIDENT Group was founded in 1994. Now it is the largest supplier of medical, dental, laboratory, and specialized engineering equipment, instruments and expandable materials for general medicine and dentistry, and reagents for laboratories. The company is engaged in designing, building, and renovation of medical and research centres, laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, and develops and manufactures medicinal and oral care products.

The Group members are:
UNIDENT (supply of medical and dental equipment and materials)
DRC, a commercial and industrial group  (development and manufacture of hygiene products and drugs)
Pharmaceutical business  (supply of medical and parapharmaceutical products)
Unident dental clinics chain  (dentistry and maxilla-facial surgery service)
MedImport  (medical centre designing, building, and equipping  on a turn-key basis)
Training centre  (advanced training centre for dental practitioners)
U-Genios  (center of genetic research)
U-Art  (cultural and charitable foundation)

The company is an exclusive distributor in Russia for more than 100 leading world brands of medical equipment and materials.


UNIDENT was founded in 1994 and now it is the largest supplier of medical and dental equipment, instruments and expandable materials to the Russian market. The company is one of five largest European suppliers. More than 100 leading worldwide manufacturers of medical and dental products chose exclusive cooperation with UNIDENT.

The main spheres of activity incluse:
— Supply, assembly, service of medical, laboratory, dental and specialized engineering equipment.
— Supply of expendable materials for general medicine and dentistry as well as chemicals for laboratories

UNIDENT represents on the territory of the Russian Federation products of manufacturers known worldwide: Carestream Health, Biolase, Morita, Cefla Group, Dentsply, Sanofi, 3М, Zhermack, Premie, and many others. The complex approach in the work includes both partial or turn-key medical clinics equipping, complete guarantee and post-guarantee service support as well as staff training.

DRC group of companies is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality mouth care preparations, sanitary and beauty cosmetic products and injection drugs for contour plastic surgery. It represents such brands as R.O.C.S., R.O.C.S. PRO, R.O.C.S.-Staino, Ivomed, Femegyl and Gerpenox. DRC has two modern production facilities and its own WDS scientific laboratory (World Dental Systems, Russia-Switzerland), which develops various products on the basis of innovative active ingredients. The laboratory holds more than 50 worldwide patents. At the same time, the group of companies adheres the concept of maximum possible use of herbal raw materials and natural components. High quality and efficiency of manufactured products are confirmed by clinical studies and laboratory tests. The products are supplied to more than 30 countries of the world (the CIS countries, England, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Japan, Turkey, UAE, etc.).

Unident dental clinic chain is one of the biggest in Russia. Unident clinics provide all kinds of dental health services, including treatment under general anesthesia and in hospital environment. The clinics are equipped with state of the art appliances, and patients are seen by single-discipline specialists, which is a guarantee of high efficiency of diagnostics and treatment. The chain consists of a maxillofacial surgery center, plastic surgery center, dental clinics with cosmetology departments, as well as a premium-class clinic.

In the year 2015 a training center was opened, at the premises of which various education programs for doctors are conducted. The new practice ground makes it possible to ensure continuous advanced training of doctors who work in the Unident clinic chain. Special emphasis is laid on education in the sphere of new technologies, new equipment and materials, as well as prompt practical introduction thereof. Apart from the internal training system, open events are also organized for the Unident employees in the center.

Any interested expert is free to visit such events. These are seminars and workshops that are arranged by the leading experts of the clinic chain, as well as invited specialists who are involved in scientific work and who have a wealth of practical knowledge.

LabDent, the largest Russian dental technical laboratory, uses digital technologies in its work, including 3D-prototyping, and has its own high-accuracy milling center. The laboratory is equipped with a high-quality German CAD/CAM system which ensures great performance and perfect color rendition. LabDent performs all kinds of work, including diagnostics, manufacturing of detachable and removable palatal dentures, fixed restoration, dentures based on implants, and nylon monomer-free prostheses. The laboratory has its own foundry which makes it possible not only to speed the workflow up but also exercise full control over all stages of manufacturing, and that is very important.

U-Genios is the first Russian joint Russian-German center of genetic studies. It was founded in collaboration with IMMD, Berlin Medical Molecular Diagnostic Institute.

In co-operation with the leading Western companies, U-Genios introduces modern technologies to the clinical practice and renders a wide range of genetic services and conducts studies at European level. At the center, assistance is provided to dedicated experts in the field of patient care and detection of possible medical anomalies related to genetic background. The results obtained in the laboratory make it easier for medical practitioners to select a correct treatment schedule for various diseases, including oncological ones, and to find chromosome abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy.

U-Art: You and Art Charity Fund was founded in 2007. The fund is involved in charity, cultural and educative activities and arts patronage, supports and organizes art exhibitions and shows, inter alia, with the leading Russian museums such as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Multimedia Art Museum, Russian Museum, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, etc.

U-Art fund is an organizer of VIVACELLO international cello music festival and VIVARTE international chamber music festival, as well as Innovation award in the field of modern art. It supports museum projects in the sphere of contemporary photography and issues books and films pictures about art.

Founders of the fund, Iveta and Tamaz Manasherovs, are laureates of the state prize in the field of modern art.

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